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3D Printing in the Classroom

This introductory course is designed for elementary and secondary school teachers especially those who teach art, technology education, science, and computer science as well as anyone with a general interest in 3D printing. From initial set-up to classroom integration, participants will learn how to integrate higher-order thinking skills in an existing course, where prototyped designs connect to real-world learning. Participants will learn how to operate and troubleshoot a 3D printer, and design engaging and practical hands-on projects that are suitable for use with elementary and secondary students in STEAM and PA Core-aligned curricula.

Participants will also learn how to find, download, remix, and print items ranging from jewelry to mechanical gears. They will use free 3D modeling CAD software to create, share, publish and print their own custom designs. Join us to transform your lesson plans and projects by enabling students to design and produce decorative items as well as engineered solutions to real-world problems.

All participants will receive an assembled Printrbot Play 3D printer and 3 graduate-level professional development credits provided by the University of North Dakota.

This course is perfect for any K-12 educator looking to spark creativity and increase student engagement in the classroom!

Register today and we’ll provide you with a 3D Printer to take back to your school!

STEM in the Elementary Classroom

In this hands-on exploratory course, participants will learn how to integrate STEM into the everyday classroom. This course will model the engineering process of design, test, analyze, redesign while leading participants through STEM related activities and best practices of teaching and learning. Participants will create a STEM toolbox of activities and resources and that can be implemented into everyday curriculum.

In this blended course, participants will meet face-to-face six times for four hours and experience a hands-on approach to STEM in the Classroom. Throughout these six face-to-face modules, participants will engage in hands-on learning, group sharing of ideas, and small breakout sessions that offer differentiation of learning styles.

Participants will also engage in 3.5 hours of online work per learning module which includes course readings, reflective responses and collaborative sharing of ideas through Schoology, our course learning management system. Students will create mini products for each learning module and a final integrated STEM Unit.

This course is perfect for any educator looking to spark creativity and increase student engagement in the classroom! Register today and we’ll provide you with a STEM kit for your classroom!

Reinventing Learning Through STEM

This event will provide an engaging, hands-on experience to learn and teach STEM for K-12 educators. Using the 4 pillars: Explore, Make, Design and Innovate, attendees will engage in tools and resources that encompass a wide spectrum of STEM education. Teachers will discover ways to reinvigorate classroom curricula and discover the power of learner-centered, authentic STEM learning experiences.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, where success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know, it’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to find problems, gather and evaluate evidence, develop theories, design and test prototypes and find solutions. All young people should be prepared to think deeply and collaborate to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.

Attendees will experience and pursue the pillars through speakers, panel discussions, hands-on sessions, and events such as networking, team design challenges, a STEM innovation playground, and makerspaces. Participants will be able to define and articulate STEM education by developing a personalized action plan to advocate the importance of STEM in their schools.


Creativity in Curriculum through Video Game Design

Join PD Campus for this course to inspire creativity in a way you have never experienced.  This course will help you engage your students in a learning atmosphere different from any other class.  This course is designed to inspire educators and students to create for authentic audiences. In this course, you will learn how to utilize video game design through Bloxels. From unboxing your kit and setting up your learning hub to designing games to challenge students’ problem-solving abilities, and finally creating projects for students to take control of their own learning.


Receive a Bloxels 5-Pack and Classroom Set of Student Licenses included with Registration


There are so many avenues of technology for teachers to integrate into learning.  Bloxels is an application that appears overwhelming, but the integration is seamless.  Yes, you and your students will be building video games, but it is so much more than that. When you remove the coding element of video games, you are left with storytelling.  Learn to leverage Bloxels to create authentic integration into all core content subjects. Retell major historical events, place the character inside a cell for exploration, bring a creative narrative to life, solve complex math problems or just design for plain fun.  Regardless of your instructional goals, Bloxles provides the ability to enhance any unit and any project. In this course, you will learn how to create games, characters, backgrounds, and animations while being fully-immersed in standards-aligned activities and projects.

Introduction to Coding and Robotics

The coding movement is sweeping the present workforce and education along with it.  This coding and robotics course is for educators of all subjects and levels. Some content as a strong tie to K-8 subjects, however, the skills can be applied to K-12 educators.  Whether you are brand-new to coding or you have experience building programs, this course will help enforce the basic fundamentals. This course will take you from defining what code is and building your first program to utilizing loops and if-then statements to design fully functioning programs.


Receive a brand new Ozobot EVO included with Registration


This course is specifically focused on the building blocks of coding skills and vocabulary.  Educators will learn coding through multiple platforms and evaluate which platform is best for their particular students.  We will unbox the brand-new Ozobots to further escalate the coding skills and see how seamlessly these tools connect to the curriculum and standards.  Educators will be immersed in curriculum-based activities to learn how to design their own coding and robotics lessons. If you are searching for ways to engage your students with a challenge, this course is for you!