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Get to know our 3 Credit Courses

Instructional Tech

Learn how to transfer the best practices of 21st century learning into the classroom to deepen the educational experience of students.

STEM Courses

Take the journey through STEM Education and learn how to integrate coding, robotics, 3D Printing and other transformative practices.

Google Courses

Explore how to transform learning using the G Suite tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites.

iPad Courses

Explore the iPad as a transformative tool fostering creative, innovative and multi-sensory learning in the classroom.

How We Are Different

PD Campus offers graduate level professional development that is practical and relevant to K12 educators. Our blended and online courses are completely hands-on, interactive and reflective of the learning process. Our course facilitators are classroom practitioners who understand how to engage learners and transform learning.

    Our courses provide:
  • Hands-on Project Building
  • Student Centered Learner Focus
  • Autonomous Learning Paths
  • 3 Graduate Level PD Credits

Customized PD

We provide customized professional development to best meet the needs of your staff. We design interactive and engaging learning experiences for school districts in need of hands-on, practical PD for teachers.

  • 1 Develop dynamic learning activities
  • 2 Build flexible learning spaces
  • 3 Explore blended instruction
  • 4 Design student-centered lessons
  • 5 Engage in professional growth and leadership


PD Campus is the proud creator of STEM Camp Edu,
a 3-day summer event for K12 educators interested in learning
about STEM integration into classroom learning.

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